Who We Are

We are innovation facilitators who work with your teams to help them apply innovation tools and techniques that will solve your problems.

Martyn Bowis

[email protected]
+64 21 932 626

Innovation is in my blood.  I grew up on a farm, studied to become an engineer, designed products at Fisher & Paykel, obtained my PhD and a patent, managed a research centre to commercialise technology, started my own design and innovation businesses, consulted, mentored and trained business transformation specialists, and now bring this all together in T-EA-M to facilitate innovation in Kiwi businesses.

As an innovation facilitator, I work with your team members to help them learn by doing innovation.  We frame design challenges together, then create solutions that they own through their participation in the discovery, design and delivery processes.

When working with your inhouse teams, our work will bring your people together and unlock latent creativity and conversations for change.

When working with integrators and other consultancies, our work will enable you and your team to engage earlier in client transformation initiatives, and grow higher-value consulting opportunities.

In both engineering and IT contexts, I bring rich hands on experience in product design, prototyping and development from concept to commercialisation.

I am able to tailor best practice enterprise architecture methodology to integrate with your other enterprise frameworks, methodologies and processes.  I can enable your team to communicate visually and model architecture in ways that all can see what you are wanting to say.