Learn by Doing

We help your teams learn better innovation by doing better innovation.  Our innovation facilitation packages include Pick a Problem to get started fast, Innovation Sprints for Agile project teams, Shadow & Sketch for innovating operations and BAU, R&D Catalyst for specialist and research teams, and Exec Experience for leaders.

Innovation Sprints

This works well for organisations that already use Agile methods to run their projects.

Our innovation facilitator will work with your project teams as they design, code, test, build and deliver solutions. We enable your transformation projects to deliver more innovative outcomes and exceptional customer experiences.

A typical Agile Project Innovation Sprint will take 5 working days, and is useful at the start of each Agile project sprint cycle.
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Shadow & Sketch

This works well with operations staff during daily work cycles.

Our innovation facilitator works alongside your operations staff discovering and visualising opportunities for continuous improvement of existing processes, products, services and experiences. We enable your staff to have a creative voice.

A one day shadow and sketch exercise will quickly uncover several opportunities with your staff. A 5 day shadow and sketch exercise will discover and visualise in more depth.
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R&D Catalyst

This works well for organisations with research and development teams (R&D teams).

Our innovation facilitator will work with your R&D team enabling them to learn and improve innovation methods while using them to create new products, services and experiences. We enable you to stay ahead of your competition by design.

A typical R&D innovation facilitation sprint will take 5 days.
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Exec Experience

This works well for Executive Leadership Teams.

We can facilitate human centred strategy workshops for your Executives to design your business and create new innovation opportunities and visual messages that motivate and inspire.  Have our innovation facilitator act as a strategic innovation catalyst at your executive retreat or strategic planning meetings.  Keynote trend tours will inspire you with new thinking.

Exec Experience facilitations are tailored to your team needs.  They may last from 30 minutes to a full week of workshops and team building experiences that take your team on a journey of transformation as a group and then of your leadership vision, directives and deliverables.
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