We have a range of courses, workshops and insitu learning journeys that assist us to facilitate your design and delivery of exceptional experiences people love.


Bringing people together can be challenging, especially when change is involved.  Our Wholeheartedness courses embrace diversity, grow relationship skills and help restore emotional health necessary for thriving relationships in your workplace, with your partners, suppliers and customers.

Design Thinking

Our Design Thinking courses will unlock the collaborative creativity of your teams.  We provide tools and techniques along with expert facilitation to have your team practicing empathy, defining problems, brainstorming, and testing prototypes to invent exceptional experiences people love.


Our Business and Enterprise Architecture courses empower  your teams to think about enterprise-wide integration and reuse of common solutions to extend the value of services created using Design Thinking, and guide Agile implementation.  This accelerates innovation and mitigates risks and technical debt.

Lean and Agile

Our implementation facilitation blends the best of Service Design with Lean Startup for products and services rolled out using Scrum.  Our courses and Scrum Master facilitation will enable your teams to progressively deliver minimum valuable service increments that are integrated, scalable and lovable by design.

Course Schedule

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